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Discover all the benefits of partnering with 42 Prague - a global movement and IT hub of Central Europe. 

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Help grow your IT workforce with 42 Prague, a tuition-free coding institute oriented for businesses. 

Becoming a partner gives you increased exposure and access to highly qualified candidates in the long term, reducing uncertainty and potential hiring costs while ensuring you have enough developers to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We've redefined education with a gamified, project-based curriculum that eliminates the need for traditional classrooms or instructors through peer-to-peer learning. Our students learn critical programming fundamentals, specializing in the most important areas of your company, while gaining essential soft skills and an understanding of business.

Employers want to ensure they are recruiting the right people and selecting talent ready to step in quickly. 42 Prague is a good fit because our students are prepared to participate in an internship or be hired full-time in a much more flexible way, as we do not have a standard academic year. 


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Elevate your business with 42 Prague—a streamlined B2B solution offering a steady flow of skilled talent, efficient recruitment aligned with your preferences, and risk mitigation through shared values. Our regularly updated curriculum assures quality, while our scalable approach ensures your growth needs are met.


42 Prague elevates your brand recognition through talent advocacy and innovation, fostering commitment to nurturing talent and promoting inclusivity. With a diverse workforce, you'll expand your market reach and connect with a broader client base. Join us to enhance your reputation and drive growth.


Join us to access the IT industry's hub, forge valuable partnerships, and fuel innovation through incubator graduates integrated into your teams. Embrace unique solutions and approaches to software development challenges, propelling your business to new heights.



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At Škoda Auto, we have always maintained a strategic approach to innovation and technology. As a founding partner of 42 Prague, we are proud to have established a partnership with an institution that shares our commitment to cutting-edge technology and practical education. As we continue to explore the limitless possibilities of coding and software engineering, we believe that innovation is critical to our success. That's why we are committed to investing in the latest technology and the brightest minds in the industry. Our collaboration with 42 Prague is an integral part of this effort, and we look forward to leveraging our partnership to push the boundaries of possibility in our industry.

- Alexander Eisl, CIO at Škoda Auto


The ČSOB Group as a leading bancassurance group and a leader in technological innovation became a co-founding partner and natural partner of the educational institute 42 Prague, whose main mission is to educate top programmers. We are excited we can contribute to the functioning and further development of this programming institute. Due to the necessary transformation to advanced and sustainable production with higher added value and a high proportion of digitized processes, the Czech economy needs more IT experts. Digitization and the ever-wider involvement of artificial intelligence is a big trend in financial services, which is personified, for example, by our virtual assistant Kate. I believe that some of the 42 Prague graduates will also find their career opportunities in the ČSOB Group.

- Michaela Bauer, Member of the ČSOB Board of Directors responsible for Technology, Innovation and Operations

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With our starting-level internships and vibrant campus events, 42 Prague empowers your talent and fosters connections. Our competitive marketing communication package amplifies your message. Join us to supercharge your business growth.


Unlock more opportunities, accelerate growth with our mentoring program, gain exclusive access to the Curriculum Council, and benefit from tailored marketing communication. Join us to supercharge your business success.


Unlock unlimited internship offers, an enhanced mentorship program, and exclusive events on campus or your premises. Help shape strategy and contribute to curriculum. Access an upgraded marketing communication package. Join us to amplify your impact and opportunities in the industry.

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