June Piscine in 42 Prague: Intense start and help from students


42 Prague's Piscine, a four-week intensive bootcamp, began on June 5th with 130 students eager to embark on their coding journey. The challenging program pushes students to their limits, teaching them the value of resilience, collaboration, and personal growth.


Facing difficulties and hitting walls early on, Piscine applicants discover the power of failure as a stepping stone towards success. However, what sets this bootcamp apart is the strong culture of mentorship and peer support. Experienced students generously share their experience and help newcomers, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone learns together. Our team really thank them for their support and willingness to help!

As the Piscine progresses, students' coding skills and confidence skyrocket. They overcome obstacles, honing critical thinking and creativity. This transformative experience shapes their character, preparing them for future challenges in their careers and personal lives.

Stay tuned for another article on how our 3rd Piscine is going on!