Diving into the Deep End: A Week in the Life of a Pisciner at 42 Prague

Welcome to the Piscine, an immersive coding experience like no other. At 42 Prague, aspiring coders gather to embark on a transformative journey, honing their skills and embracing the challenges that lie ahead.

Have you been considering studying at 42 Prague, but don’t know what to expect from the major stage of the admission process? Then this article is precisely for you. It provides a glimpse into the Piscine experience while preserving the element of surprise for those embarking on their own coding odyssey (the full Piscine adventure is an immersive month-long program that expands far beyond what can be captured here). Anyway, let's dive into the first Piscine week, where determination, growth, and collaboration take center stage.


As Pisciners gather, brimming with excitement and curiosity, the air is charged with anticipation. The CEO and Pedago staff take the stage to introduce the Piscine process. The day begins with an enlightening presentation, offering insights into the coding universe that awaits them. For the first time, applicants are welcomed into the vibrant 42 Prague environment, where the intranet becomes their guiding tool. With projects assigned, and new peers to left and right, they officially embark on their Piscine journey, eager to unravel the mysteries of C and Unix.

As the sun rises on the second day, the Pisciners gather for a delightful treat - a free breakfast. It's a time of camaraderie and connection as they fuel their bodies and minds, fortifying themselves for the challenges ahead. For some, it’s also the first time they will proceed with a peer evaluation - an opportunity to explore alternative programming approaches and engage in thoughtful discussions about the concepts explored in the exercise being assessed. Peer evaluations are the number one method of learning during the Piscine.

Later in the day, the Community check commences, providing an invaluable opportunity for the Pisciners to interact with the staff of 42 Prague. Questions flow freely, knowledge is shared, and a sense of belonging takes root. The Pisciners realize they are part of a supportive community, united in their quest for coding mastery.


Midweek arrives with cosmic revelations as the Pisciners partake in an "Ask me Anything" session with the seasoned students of 42 Prague. Having triumphed over their own Piscine journey, the students share their wisdom and experiences, providing tips on how to tackle the upcoming weeks. Questions fill the air like shooting stars, illuminating the path for the Pisciners. They absorb the insights, the tips, and the guidance, eager to forge ahead in their coding voyage.


In the cosmic quest for coding excellence, it's essential to find balance. Thursday dawns with a refreshing yoga session, where Pisciners stretch their bodies and center their minds. With renewed energy, they engage in a Pedago Q&A session, where direct access to the Pedago staff opens doors to deeper understanding. Their questions are met with patience and expertise, providing the Pisciners with valuable insights and clarifications.

Friday brings forth the ultimate test of coding prowess - the first exam. It's a challenging moment, where Pisciners confront the complexities of programming. The stakes are high, and the pressure mounts, but they embrace the spirit of the Piscine - a journey of growth, not perfection. While the exam may present obstacles, it also presents a vital milestone.

In the evening, the first Rush project also commences, catapulting Pisciners into collaborative problem-solving. Randomly grouped into teams, they embark on a weekend-long mission, unleashing their creativity and skills.

The Weekend
As the weekend dawns, the Pisciners enter a realm of intense collaboration and problem-solving - the heart of the group project. Randomly assembled into teams, they embark on an exhilarating mission that pushes their coding skills to new frontiers.

In the realm of collaboration, strong bonds form and knowledge is shared like valuable currency. They rely on each other's unique strengths, providing support and encouragement as they embark on their collective journey towards achievement. The Rush project becomes a transformative experience, fostering connections that extend beyond the digital realm.


So, if you're ready to embark on your own cosmic coding voyage, to unlock your coding potential and join a community that celebrates collaboration, then brace yourself for the transformative journey that awaits you at 42 Prague's Piscine.

Don't panic, for the stars are aligning, and the cosmic code beckons you to discover the coder within!

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