Curriculum: A Milestone Moment at 42 Prague

We are thrilled to announce a huge achievement at 42 Prague! Our first team of students has successfully validated the final project in the Core Curriculum. This significant milestone marks a big step in their educational journey and sets the stage for their future careers as software engineers.

These students, part of the pioneering batch that started their Core studies in 2023, have been instrumental in shaping the future of 42 Prague. From the outset, they’ve tackled a series of progressively challenging projects with unwavering dedication and determination. Their journey has been a beacon of inspiration, witnessing their growth not just as aspiring IT experts but as exceptional teammates and problem-solvers. A hearty congratulations to Štěpán Beneš, Naomi Hasalů, Gabriela Tan, Filip Farkas, and Tomáš Kajánek! You’ve paved the way for your peers and achieved something truly extraordinary.

So, what’s on the horizon for these trailblazers? They will embark on a 6-month paid internship, a real-world testing ground for their skills. Concurrently, they have the chance to start specializing by selecting one of the numerous pathways in our Advanced Core. This not only broadens their horizons but also paves the way for even more thrilling opportunities in their future. We look forward to seeing all they will achieve in their internships and advanced studies. Here’s to the bright futures of Štěpán, Naomi, Gabriela, Filip, and Tomáš!

"I learned a ton and met many great, inspiring people along the way. The best part is that the journey is not over, and I’m looking forward to continuing in the advanced curriculum," said Gabriela Tan. Naomi Hasalů added, "42 Prague has been a life-changing experience for me, both socially and educationally. 10 out of 10, would recommend."

And finally, a short thank you from the CEO of 42 Prague, Peter Podprocký: “Congratulations! This group of students has proven the power of collaboration, community, and support. At the same time these students inspire others as soon another group od core finisher will follow. I also want to thank this group for being role models to new applicants and students. Great job!”