Certifications at 42 Prague: A Gateway to Recognized Excellence across the EU

Studying at 42 Prague is not just about acquiring knowledge through practical means; students can also acquire valuable certification (comparable to the Bachelor and Master degrees) recognized across EU member states. As the tech industry continues to evolve, having an internationally acknowledged qualification can set you apart in the competitive job market. Here's how 42 Prague ensures that its students are equipped with both the skills and the credentials they need to succeed.

Before we explain the journey to getting certified at 42 Prague, we first have to understand the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). This level-based scale serves as a translation tool, making national qualifications more understandable and comparable. In other words, the framework standardizes knowledge and proficiency to 8 distinct levels, facilitating (primarily) international hiring processes for both employers and employees. It promotes cross-border mobility of learners and workers and encourages lifelong learning and professional development across Europe. The EQF is valid across all EU member states and 11 other countries. A detailed description, as well as the list of committed countries, can be found here.


With basic understanding of the EQF, let’s take a look at the relevant certifications. Besides the 42 Network certification upon completion, students are able to apply for two certifications: IT Solutions Designer and Developer (comparable to a Bachelor’s degree) and IT Architecture Expert (comparable to a Master’s degree). Both titles are certified by Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles, the French National Directory of Professional Certification. Eligible students receive these certifications via 42 Paris after approval by the French Ministry of Labour.

Obtaining either of the RNCP certificates is disconnected from the aforementioned 42  Network certificate received after validating the Common core, and requires active participation by the student. The basic prerequisite for being awarded the EQF Level 6 certification, titled IT Solutions Designer and Developer, consists of completing the Core Curriculum and passing the first Internship. Furthermore, the student has to finish several post-common core projects, including two group projects. Here, students have the option to either choose a path of web and mobile application development related projects, or opt for applicative software development. Both paths lead to the certificate comparable to a Bachelor’s degree. More information can be found on 42’ website.