Panel discussion: Coding doesn’t know gender

Join us for an insightful panel discussion, “Diversity in IT: Coding doesn’t know gender,” hosted by 42 Prague. In an industry often perceived as male-dominated, we aim to challenge this notion and shed light on the importance of diversity and inclusion within the tech sector.

Our esteemed panelists bring a wealth of experience and perspectives to the table. Maren Gräf, a Board Member for People and Culture at Škoda Auto, will share insights on fostering inclusivity within large corporate environments. Michaela Bauer, a member of the ČSOB Board of Directors responsible for Technology, Innovation, and Operations, will provide valuable insights into breaking gender stereotypes in leadership roles within the IT sector.


📅 April 23, 5 PM - 7 PM

📍 42 Prague campus


Magdaléna Wavle, Vodafone's People & Property Director and member of the Vodafone Foundation's Supervisory Board. One of four women on Vodafone's Board of Directors.

As an another panelist, please meet Lenka Králová, a senior software engineer and influential advocate for the transgender community in Czechia. As a board member of Trans*parent and the Pride Business Forum foundation, Lenka works tirelessly to promote inclusivity and equality.

Additionally, we are honored to have Blanka Pilátová, an influencer and UX designer, join the discussion. With her unique perspective and experience, she will explore the intersection of creativity, design, and diversity in technology. 


This panel aims to initiate a creative dialogue surrounding the theme “Coding doesn’t know gender.” Our goal is to highlight the importance of diversity, not just as a moral imperative but as a strategic advantage in driving innovation and excellence within the IT industry.

After the discussion, free networking will follow. 

Join us as we pave the way for a more inclusive and balanced future in tech. Together, let’s break barriers and embrace diversity in all its forms.

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