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About 42 Prague – IT technologies & studies

42 Prague is a peer-to-peer coding institution with a world-class curriculum.


42 Prague is a peer-to-peer coding institution with a world-class curriculum empowering the next leading generation of tech talent in Central and Eastern Europe. Through our educational model, students are trained to become qualified software engineers and design inclusive solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Up to 450 future programmers will be trained here free of charge in the next 5 years as they prepare for new careers and professional roles. Based on peer-to-peer feedback and gamification, the most important software programming languages will be taught practically, with an additional focus on continuous learning and strengthening social skills.

42 Prague is a member of 42: created in Paris, brought to Prague by ŠKODA AUTO, on a mission to make the Czech Republic a technological heart of Europe. The project was launched in spring 2022.

No classes, no tuition, no limits!


42 Prague campus is located in Kolbenova area in an emerging district of Prague. The campus is open 24/7 and equipped with modern hardware, making it accessible for any student at any convenient time to study at their own pace. Our campus hosts various events and is the heart of the IT community in Prague.




Tech enthusiast with experience in software products and AI across different industries - from consulting to manufacturing. TEDx speaker, university lecturer, Forbes columnist on data-driven parenting. Believes that 42 is the ultimate answer to the challenges of both digitization and education.

For cooperation and partnerships: daria@42prague.com



With a long professional career in Human Resources, Peter Podprocky has expertise in areas such as social dialogue and labor law, HR Compliance, recruiting, operative HR care, and temporary employment coordination. He has managed a team of 3,500 temporary employees and has supported a board member on HR strategy and structure. Peter's international experience, flexibility, and excellent communication skills make him a valuable asset to any organization.


Head of IT & Pedago

A French newly settled in Prague. At 14, he wished for a motorcycle and got a computer. From one computer to another, from a technician to a consultant, he is now taking care of IT and Pedagogy at 42 Prague, believing that the values of 42 might change the world.


Head of Non-Profit Development

With her experience and passion for non-formal education, innovation and sustainability, Tetiana found a sweet spot at 42 Prague. Before she joined the team, Tetiana was running an international environmental non-profit and assisted other NGOs with fundraising and organizational development. She believes that 42 is a space for innovation, ambition for exploration, feeling of belonging and appreciation for diversity.


Marketing Lead

Numbers and graph enthusiast. He believes that we have in our hands the tools and the environment that will bring balance to the IT market. From a marketing perspective, his vision is to help companies to fill positions and people to have successful and meaningful careers.

For PR cooperation: david@42prague.com


Community Lead

Our first contact for the applicants and students. Thanks to her calm nature, she manages to answer all questions, listen to students and help them with whatever is bothering them. She gained experience in community management at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and now she uses them when working with the offline and online community of 42 Prague.


Operation Lead

A big believer in multipotentiality. Keeps our campus running and executes all of the events. 42 values are her own - inclusivity, open culture, and always aiming at excellence. She is proud of both her healthcare and international artists’ management backgrounds, where she developed a passion for education and gained managerial skills.


Partnership Trainee

An avid learner and world explorer. With experience in IT recruitment and studies of Business, she tries to get 42 Prague students the best internship opportunities possible. Fascinated by the IT industry and 42 learning model, she almost became a 42 Prague student instead of a Partnership Trainee.


Operations Assistant

Oleksandra is a dedicated and efficient receptionist who plays a crucial role in the smooth running of the campus. She is a valuable member of the team and is always willing to lend a helping hand where needed.


IT & Pedago Assistant

42 Paris student and specialists in IT and the pedago field. Thanks to his experience in Paris, he is a true asset to students and Pisciners.
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"With the rise of new technologies, we find the need for digitization in almost every industry. It's clear that IT professions will be increasingly in demand and it's important that we have enough skilled professionals. I am pleased that 42 Prague will contribute to the availability of this education."

Jiří Voves,
Chairman of the Board, 42 Prague
Co-founder, Socialbakers (now Emplifi)


doc. Ing. RNDr. Barbora Bühnová Ph.D.,
Co-Founding Member Czechitas & Vice-dean of Masaryk University

“Globalization, an increase of complexity and pace, need for constantly improving efficiencies are leading to an enormous increase in both external and internal digitalization, with an accelerating trend year on year basis. 42 Prague is a great idea to support these challenges/trends.”

Tomáš Janata, MSc.,
Tomáš Janata is a financial and investment expert with over 13 years of experience in the field. He has spent much of his career working at ŠKODA AUTO, where he has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in finance and investment. Tomáš is highly respected in his field and is known for his ability to analyze financial data and make sound investment decisions. He is a great asset to any organization.

“I'm so impressed by the innovative approach to education and personal development at 42 Prague, and I am excited to be able to contribute my skills and experience to the organization. I believe that 42 Prague has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of its students and I am eager to be a part of that journey."

Ing. Pavla Kavuloková
Pavla Kavuloková is an accomplished professional in the fields of education, personal development, and HR recruitment. With her expertise and experience, Pavla is sure to be a valuable asset to 42 Prague. Her skills in these areas will no doubt help to drive the success and growth of the organization in the future.

„I very much appreciate the opportunity to be a part of 42 Prague and I am looking forward to working together with the 42 Prague team. Our common goal is to enable and support further development of 42 Prague on its way of success, to the benefit of not only the institute but also of its students and of the entire society.“

JUDr. David Kavan
David Kavan is a lawyer with strong expertise and experience. He has served as a lawyer for ŠKODA AUTO for many years, and is currently the head of legal department at the company. In this role, he has been responsible for managing the legal affairs of ŠKODA AUTO and of the ŠKODA brand.


As in any good partnership, we are interested in finding ways to collaborate and grow together. We are trailblazing new paths of education, so that we find new type of talent, and develop a unique, engaged problem-solving culture. If you have a technological vision of where you want to be, and you need hands on deck to build the future - 42 is a helpful partner. If you are looking for value add through coding skills, getting in touch with 42 students is a way to support this path. We are looking for various ways to engage in a partnership - presenting real-world problems and opportunities to students, collaborating on hardware projects or conducting hackathons or coding workshops.

Would you like to become a partner of 42 Prague? Contact our managing director Daria at daria@42prague.com for more information.

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